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Intercamhs' vision is that mental health will be addressed through collaborative interdisciplinary whole school approaches for all school community members across nations.

Our Guiding Principles are that:

Intercamhs aims to:

  • Develop and adopt a common language of terms related to mental health in schools.
  • Build communication mechanisms between people interested or involved in school-based mental health in different countries.
  • Encourage dialogue, the sharing of lessons learned, collaborative activities and mutual support among people and programs in different countries.
  • Enhance interdisciplinary approaches to school-based health care.
  • Promote the advancement of a strategic research agenda and collaborative research among people and programs in different countries.
  • Foster the development of advocacy agendas, coalitions and policy improvements in areas vital to the advancement of mental health in schools.
  • Raise awareness of the mental health needs of youth and the value of school-based programs in helping youth, schools and communities achieve desired outcomes.
  • Stimulate increased funding and improved capacity to provide a full continuum of mental health promotion, early intervention and treatment services in schools.

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